South U13-U14 Girls Competitive Team Coach - South Denver

Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club

“To be the heart behind the crest.”
At Rapids Youth Soccer, we focus on whole player development, both on and off the field. We strive for players to develop a lifelong love of the game and use the skills learned through their time with Rapids to allow them to be successful in all they desire to achieve.   

Exemplifies and actively promotes the Club’s methodology and player philosophy through their coaching, communication, and team interactions.

  1. Win Within - Being the best is the only way forward, at everything we do personally, or as a Club. Support the objective of becoming a destination youth soccer club and elevating the leadership and Club as national thought leaders for the game of soccer and the business of soccer.
  2. In and Up - Look to develop ourselves and those around us working to raise the overall quality and impact of everyone we work with, inside and outside the organization.
  3. Keep it Simple, Keep it Small - Work to simplify big thoughts, large expectations, ambiguous strategy into strategic and club-wide execution.
  4. Enjoyment First - Work not only to enjoy your work but help those around you enjoy it as well. When we win the hearts of our players, their development will improve.
  5. Moment of Truth - Recognize the importance of every moment and interaction to create something remarkable.
  6. Own It - Owning our roles and responsibilities means working within ambiguity and looking for a solution instead of waiting for one.
At Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club, success is driven by behaviors with relationships and trust at our foundation. We believe that through our exceptionally strong player pathway, the services it provides, and a focus on developing remarkable coaches, we create an environment and expectation to develop the highest quality of young people and players. 

They represent the values of the club, communities, and families and best prepare them to love and learn the game with abundant passion and the utmost dedication.


Know the Player
Create the Right Environment
Know the Behaviors
Trust the Process

While at the club, we respect and encourage diversity in delivery styles. We ask our staff to work to a simple methodology that best represents the opportunity to impact positively on a young person. Start with ‘Know the Player’; this simple instruction creates a foundation for player and personal development that allows the coach to better understand and cater to the needs of the individuals they work with.

Work to create an environment where every child within your team feels valued, irrespective of the playing level that they may possess. Work to support the development and enjoyment of your players in a structured manner in line with the values and philosophical statement of player development that the club represents. Use the data and analytics from preseason and postseason surveys, along with the GRADE feedback during the season, to support each player’s development. 

Adhere to communication, evaluation, training, game, and tournament expectations for the respective team/program you coach.

  • Be proactive and timely in advising key stakeholders of team arrangements and matters concerning logistics; 
  • Actively engage the team community (players, parents, Directors of Coaching), etc... in the player development process; 
  • Adhere to the club’s 24-hour communication policy in all forms of communication, email and voicemail, especially when dealing with issues that may arise from time to time;
  • Be consistent in communicating with the age group Director of Coaching; and
  • Complete reporting requirements associated with team and player development in a prompt and timely manner, especially ‘Game Recap and Development Evaluations’ (GRADE)
  • Possess suitable knowledge and understanding of team/age/level of players; 
  • Remain informed on the unique needs of their specific team and players; 
  • Demonstrate an ability to work cohesively between player retention, recruitment, and development; 
  • Deeply understand the Club’s Player Development Plan; and 
  • Take time and interest in knowing and building relationships with every player.
  • Understand that multiple approaches to individual and team development will be required to create the right environment for optimum enjoyment and improvement; 
  • Ability to adapt to changes in environment or schedule based on players and logistical needs; and
  • Resourceful in approach to on and off-the-field player development
  • Recognize that patience creates a positive development environment, especially when progress is slow; 
  • Delivers consistency in messaging and approach helps to isolate the learning required for improvement; 
  • Trust the process; 
  • Be resilient in the content of the practice and game approach you are providing for players and your team. Avoid, where possible, changing content to reflect the outcome of your last game. We don’t want ‘a mile wide, and an inch deep’ scenario when players are learning new skills; 
  • Understanding that the needs of the players and team must remain a priority in dealing with these challenges in real-time and planning is vital. External factors will challenge your resolve and temperament; 
  • and Committed to constantly reflecting on practice and games as a coach and question what worked, and what didn’t, and how to apply to learn.
  • Understand that when you know your players, you can create an environment that allows you to explore more than one way of reaching your desired outcome;
  • Knows what works best and creates content and moments of learning that suit the needs of your group, even if it is not ‘by the book’;
  • Problem-solving in real-time during practice and games that helps players work towards the understanding of the issue without providing the answer; and
  • Encourage creative moments on the field from the players, even if it leads to errors.
  • Understand the fundamental nature of reflection in the role of the coach when directed at players and oneself; 
  • Possesses the ability to self-reflect or desire to develop this area; 
  • Can channel the outcome of the reflection into a positive place where improvement is possible through the creation of innovative content and an adapted approach;Is approachable and takes feedback from others in a positive and constructive manner;
  • Completes the GRADE reports in a thoughtful and consistent manner; and
  • Is able to have a long-term perspective on player progress, rather than ‘what just happened’ in a game or practice that week.
Experience / Desirable Traits 
  • Experience of working within a player development framework and knowledge of its key components; 
  • Willingness to adapt to the approach of the club and be consistent in application; 
  • Worked or played within a team environment at any ability level; 
  • Desire to pursue formal coach education qualifications and informal learning opportunities; 
  • An organized and reliable person with strong communication abilities; 
  • Passion for working with young children; and 
  • Passion for soccer.
  • Efficient, consistent, and punctual attendance and delivery of team operations; 
  • Positive feedback and results from the end-of-year parental questionnaire; 
  • Attendance at key pre-season coach education events (Fall & Summer) as a minimum;
  • 100% Completion of all team and player evaluation reports (Game Recap And Development Evaluation - GRADE)
  • Support the internal movement of players to levels where they will be appropriately challenged.
REPORTS DIRECTLY TO: Program Director of Coaching
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