8U-19U Rec Plus Trainer - Centennial, CO

Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club
A destination youth soccer club serving 12,000 youth soccer players across 100 miles of Colorado, Rapids Youth Soccer (CRYSC) focuses on “Developing Remarkable Coaches” through its purpose of "The Heart Behind the Crest." The Club’s commitment revolves around a comprehensive player development process encompassing both on-field skills and off-field growth. We aim to instill a lifelong passion for the game and equip players, coaches, and staff with the skills acquired during their Rapids journey to excel in all their endeavors.

At CRYSC, coaches are the bridge between players and their love for the game. We're seeking coaches who can create environments centered around players, using the CRYSC belief system as a guide. Your primary focus will be developing players while maintaining consistency across the club. You'll play a crucial part in nurturing young talent, offering a clear pathway from grassroots to college and beyond. This role involves embodying our values in coaching, team communication, and engaging with parents. Join us in shaping the future of youth soccer!

  1. Enjoyment First – Developing a lifelong joy in the game is our coaches' primary focus.
  2. Win Within – We strive to find victories big and small, both on and off the fields for our players.
  3. In and Up – CRYSC coaches constantly develop themselves and their players, to find the best environment that fits their unique needs.
  4. Keep it Simple, Keep it Small – As a large club, our coaches are the main point of communication to share information, and they should frame it for their players and parents to easily understand. 
  5. Moment of Truth – CRYSC coaches recognize the importance of each interaction and communication within their role. “Create remarkable experiences” is our coach’s mantra.
  6. Own It – Own the successes and failures of the teams you serve, encouraging player ownership down to the most minor details. 
At CRYSC, success is driven by relationships and trust. We believe that through our powerful player pathway, the services it provides, and a focus on developing remarkable coaches - we create an environment to develop the highest quality young people and players. 

Coaches represent the values of our club, communities, and families; coaches create environments that meet players’ basic needs to have fun, develop, and belong.  


Know the Player | Create the Right Environment | Know the Behaviors | Trust the Process

While at the club, we respect and encourage diversity in delivery styles, we ask our staff to work to a simple methodology that we believe best represents the opportunity to impact positively our players. Start with ‘Know the Player’; this simple instruction creates a foundation for player and person development that allows the coach to understand better who is in front of us and what they need.

As a CRYSC coach, you're more than just a trainer—you're an environmental architect. You'll connect with players one-on-one, work together on team goals, talk with parents, and set an example of leadership. Making sure everyone feels included is vital, no matter their skill level. Your main goal is to ensure players have fun, grow, and feel like they belong, all while sticking to our club's values. Use feedback and data to help players improve. And always keep in mind our club's standards in everything you do with the team.

Excellent Communicator
  • Take initiative in keeping key stakeholders informed about team logistics and promptly updating them.
  • Adhere strictly to the club's communication policy, responding promptly to emails and voicemails, especially when addressing any arising issues.
  • Actively foster a sense of community within the team, involving players, the team manager, parents, and other stakeholders in the process of player development.
  • Ensure regular and reliable communication with the Director of Coaching for the respective age group.
  • Ensure all reporting requirements for team and player development are promptly and accurately fulfilled.
A proponent of the Rapids Youth Soccer Player Pathway
  • Familiarize yourself deeply with the club's Technical Belief System to align coaching practices accordingly.
  • Actively advocate for and implement the club's Player Development Plan to nurture player growth.
  • Utilize the club's methodology to enhance player development, ensuring consistency in approach.
  • Implement the CRYSC Game Model/style of play to optimize player and club development.
  • Consider the individual ages and stages of development of each player within the team.
  • Dedicate time and effort to building relationships with each player, fostering trust and rapport.
  • Understand and effectively communicate the CRYSC Player Pathway to parents and players.
  • Explore diverse individual and team development approaches, tailoring strategies as needed.
  • Demonstrate flexibility in adapting to changes in the environment or schedule to meet players' and logistical needs.
  • Maintain a resourceful approach to player development, both on and off the field, seeking opportunities for growth in various contexts.
Creative Problem Solver
  • Prioritize the needs of both players and the team when addressing challenges.
  • Understand that patience fosters a positive development environment, especially during slow progress.
  • Trust the long-term player development process outlined by the club.
  • Maintain a consistent yet adaptable reflective practice.
  • Continuously evaluate coaching behaviors during practices and games, assessing their impact on player development.
  • Engage in reflective problem-solving during practices and games.
  • Employ an inquiry-based approach to guide players toward desired behaviors without providing immediate answers.
  • Embrace flexibility in exploring multiple solutions rather than adhering to a singular approach.
  • Tailor content to suit the specific needs of individuals.
  • Encourage creativity among players, even if it results in mistakes.
  • Utilize appropriate teaching actions during various coaching scenarios.
Self-Motivated Learner
  • Take ownership of your learning journey and collaborate with the Director to develop a personalized plan for growth within the club.
  • Focus on long-term player development rather than short-term outcomes, adjusting coaching methods to meet evolving player needs.
  • Stay open and receptive to feedback, accepting input from others in a constructive and positive manner.
  • Familiarity with working within a structured player development framework or club belief system.
  • Capacity to collaborate effectively with fellow coaches and Directors to optimize player development.
  • Openness to adapting to the club's belief system and maintaining consistency in its application.
  • Background in team environments, whether through playing or working, at any skill level.
  • Eagerness to pursue formal coaching qualifications and engage in continuous informal learning.
  • Demonstrated organizational skills and reliability, coupled with strong communication abilities.
  • Genuine enthusiasm for working with children.
  • Deep passion for the sport of soccer.
  • Timely and reliable execution of team operations with efficiency and consistency.
  • Receiving positive feedback and achieving favorable results from parental questionnaires at the end of each year.
  • Attendance at essential coach education events, both in the Fall and Summer.
  • Ensuring 100% completion of all team and player evaluation reports.
  • Facilitating the internal progression of players to levels where they can be appropriately challenged, thus supporting their development within the club.
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