Track Laborer - US Nationwide

Wage- Hourly
Duties include, but are not limited to: 
·                 Participate in group discussions including unit meetings, job briefings, safety meetings or process reviews 
·                 Learn basic functions of all types of welding processes, tools, and on track safety  
·                 Use various types of grinding equipment for polishing & finishing welds 
·                 Remove and replace track and track components (e.g. ties, rails, bars, etc.) 
·                 Can safely and successfully operate hand tools/swinging hand tools repetitively 
·                 Replace or repair track switches with specific components 
·                 Slide and align tie plates 
·                 Drill holes through rails for insertion of bolts and tighten or loosen bolts at joints that hold ends or rails together 
·                 Cut rails to specific lengths 
·                 Receive instructions, requests, orders, and information 
·                 Adjust, lift, and roll rails 
·                 Sort track material for loading and unloading 
·                 Install and repair street and railroad crossings 
·                 Cut brush and vegetation from the right-of-way 
·                 Spray switches, angle bars and joints with oil for lubrication 
·                 Install and remove rail anchors with hand tools 
·                 Drive spikes with a spike maul 
·                 Work safely to prevent on the job accidents and injuries 
·                 Understand and follow preventive maintenance procedures for trucks and tools 
·                 Assisting thermite crew in performing routine and emergency repairs to equipment 
·                 Ability to walk on uneven surfaces 
·                 Ability to climb in and out of various equipment 
·                 Heavy work, lifting up to 50 pounds occasionally, up to 100 pounds on a rare basis 
·                 Stoop / bend / kneel / crouch / balance / climb on an occasional basis 
·                 Ability to work in all weather conditions 
·                 Exposure to equipment that intensifies the heat factor on an occasional basis 
·                 Wear protective equipment such as hard hat, hearing protection, safety-toe boots, and safety glasses 
·                 Work hours may include a nonstandard workweek, overtime, and various shift work 
·                 High school diploma or equivalent 
·                 Outside work experience (e.g. construction, heavy equipment operation, farming, landscaping) 
·                 Travel up to 100% includes ground, rail & air travel 
·                 Must maintain reliable transportation to get to and from job sites 
·                 Complete annual training and pass safety and track worker rules examinations 
·                 Must pass all required assessments 
·                 18 years of age or older 
This job description is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, skills, duties, requirements, or working conditions associated with the job. Management reserves the right to revise this job description at any time to add or remove tasks as circumstances change, (e.g. emergencies, changes in personnel, workload, rush jobs or technical developments). 
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