Hydraulic Mechanic - University Park, IL

Duties include, but are not limited to: 
  • Disassembly, servicing and reassembly of machinery components back to functional operating condition meeting existing standards 
  • Perform general maintenance and repairs to the hydraulic and mechanical systems of the Holland welding equipment following PM program directives 
  • Build hydraulic manifolds 
  • Follow program directives to perform hydraulic flow and bypass testing on various components on the welding equipment 
  • Adjusting and setting various hydraulic valves and pump controls to meet Holland specifications 
  • Cleaning and organizing components before assembly 
  • Assist Technicians and Engineering in setup of equipment testing 
  • Occasionally assisting other department personnel in completing any objective or tasks with proper guidance from key personnel 
  • Use a variety of hand and power tools to service the Holland welding equipment 
  • Working in full compliance and procedures of the Holland Company Safety program to ensure a safe working environment 
  • Appling safety & 5-S discipline, practices and enforcement of Holland Company safety policies 
  • Understanding and following all Holland and MOD Division Operating Policies and Guidelines 
  • Utilizing Holland’s OFI (Opportunity for Improvement) and Quality Control processes to maintain the quality and continuous improvement objectives 
  • Conforming to Holland housekeeping policies 
  • Other duties as assigned 
  • Ability to lift up to 50lbs with reasonable accommodations 
  • Ability to climb in and out of mobile operating equipment via ladder 
  • Ability to work while standing, walking, bending, stooping, crouching, reaching, twisting, and sitting for extended periods are required to perform basic job functions 
  • Ability to work 40 plus hours 
  • Exposure on a regular basis to mostly indoor and sometimes outdoor weather conditions 
  • Shop environment-dry conditions, heated shop, non-air-conditioned, concrete floor 
  • Wearing and use of all PPE and any additional safety related gear to perform job functions 
  • Focused environment that supports safety and housekeeping practices 
  •  Must have High School diploma or equivalent 
  •  3 years of mechanical and hydraulic skill sets Experience with reading and using mechanical drawings or BOM’s (bills of materials) to determine actions required for repairs of equipment 
  • Ability to use basic hand and power tools 
  • Ability to use grinders up to a 9” 
  • Ability to repair broken bolts and damaged threaded holes (use of drills, extractors and thread tapping) 
  • Knowledge in working with hydraulic valves, cylinders, hosing and filtration in the maintenance or repair of equipment 
  • Able to meet deadlines 
  • Self-motivated; motivated by improvement and performance 
  • Have good oral communication skills 
  • Basic math and computer skills 
  • Achieve and maintain forklift driver certificate 
  • Ability to successfully complete all pre-employment testing required by Holland L.P. 
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